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21st Century Glovebox Technology

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Protective Environments for Sensitive & Problem Materials

Protective Environments for Sensitive & Problem Materials

Posi-Dome and Safe-T-Dome Glovebox Enclosures are used when sensitive or valuable materials must be protected from contamination or users and facilities must be protected from the risk of exposure or injury and when the handling environment for the work differs from a healthy work environment for users.  These fail-safe, pressurized isolation glove box enclosures are efficient, reliable glovebox workstations with world-class isolation capabilities.  The Posi-Dome & Safe-T-Dome glovebox cabinets are designed for ease of use, configuration flexibility and manufacturability to allow rapid delivery, high reliability, exceptional efficiency and low low cost.  These glove box and dry box units provide workspace atmosphere solutions that are BETTER than older technology from the second millenium. Specifically, they are:

BETTER for Your SCHEDULE -       built from stock parts, often ships in 7 workdays or less
BETTER for Your WORKPLACE -   compact bench models with footprint under 5 square feet
BETTER for Your WORLD -            efficient, ductless and much easier to install & maintain
BETTER for Your BUDGET -           installed price less than shipping for old tech.; starts < $1K
Sterile, Clean, Inert & Controlled Atmosphere Glovebox

Sterile, Clean, Inert & Controlled Atmosphere Glovebox

Sterile, Clean, Inert & Controlled Atmosphere Glovebox
Glovebox Model Contamination Risk Typical Use
Posi-Dome™ I-Box DE Air, Oxygen, H2O, CO2 contamination Q/A & R/D work in Labs, Shops & Factories
Posi-Dome™ I-Box DE Air & Oxygen contamination Field use of spectrometers in forest, sick buildings, etc.
Posi-Dome™ Basic Drybox Kit Microbes, dust, air, oxygen, etc. Aseptic, sterile, anaerobic, or biotech work requiring air-lock use
Posi-Dome™ Basic L Microbes & small organisms. Sterile, Aseptic use for drug studies or microbial field R/D

The Banthrax glove box design approach is designed to offer safe, reliable, efficient glove box products for every application where workers should have a different work environment than the best process environment for their work.  The simple, effective clam shell style glovebox models include Safe-T-Dome vacuum glovebox units for hazardous containment, Posi-Dome glove box units for clean, sterile processing, Posi-Dome I-Box gloveboxes for anaerobic, hypoxic, inert and special atmosphere work, and Safe-T-Dome Splash, Exhibit-Dome, & Safe-T-Guard non-pressurized isolators.  

All these pressurized and non-pressurized glove boxes and hoods share a few common design features, including:
  • Right-sized workspace for optimal manual process reach without extra workspace to clean and maintain
  • Seamless, molded geometry to avoid seams, corners and other problem areas for leakage and contamination
  • Formed in glovebox glove ports with no seams or fasteners, so leakage risk is nearly non-existent
  • Transparent dome top admits enough light so that no inside light fixture is required, eliminating a cleaning problem
  • Optimized for manufacturability with minimal labor hours and cost, so cost and delivery delays are low
  • Built for ease of modification to provide features customers need without complex engineering and manual labor
  • Exceptional ergonomics built into glove box dome shape and proprietary pressure control system
  • Ultra-reliable systems with minimal (under 6) moving parts, fail-safe design & safe, protected shut-down mode
  • Better visibility and ease of maintenance compared to other hoods and glovebox workstations

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