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About Us
Banthrax Corporation - Who we are...

Banthrax Corporation - Who we are...

Located in the midwestern USA, Banthrax Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of state of the art glove box cabinets.  Since 2001, we have helped our customers live safer, more productive lives.  Serving medical, military, biotechnology, haz-mat and industrial customers, we never relax our responsibility for user safety.  In over 5 years of rigorous use in R&D, medical, veterinary, laboratory and broad ranging military applications, Safe-T-Dome cabinets have racked up an amazing record of performance and utility.  Our cabinets are also used in educational an exhibit applications in museums, schools and universities.  Banthrax Corporation because the list of dangerous, unhealthy materials that must be handled carefully expands every day.  Our world is changing, and becoming a more dangerous place, even as we learn more about the materials that cause and aggravate our illnesses.  Our constant challenge is to provide better, safer, more practical tools to support healthy, productive work lives as we meet objectives that bring us in contact with difficult, risky materials.  As we pursue this quest, we invite your input, ideas and questions, as the search for better ways never ends.

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