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Solutions: Suspect Mail & Small Objects

Solutions: Suspect Mail & Small Objects


Letter exam in dome  Safe-T-Domes provide maximum protection for people handling or examining suspicious mail, packages or devices.  Used in mailrooms, offices, consulates, embassies, shops, military bases and labs worldwide, the Safe-T-Dome cabinet provides fail-safe vacuum protection and HEPA filtering wherever they're needed.  With a small footprint, modest power requirements and ductless operation, this user-friendly glovebox is applied more easily than biosafety cabinets or equivalent glovebox units.   Letter opening in dome

Safe-T-Dome™ Standard

Safe-T-Dome™ Standard

Safety you count on
Safe-T-Dome™ Standard
Used on a flat surfaceUsed with optional bio-toxin gloves
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Complete Safe-T-Dome™ glove box cabinet, with proprietary, fail-safe vacuum protection system and standard, flat ABS base with integral hinge and bolt-down points. Fully assembled for use in safe handling of irritating, unhealthy or hazardous materials when reliable, fail-safe user protection beyond class 2 BSC is required.
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Features Benefits
Rugged Polymer Dome Cabinet Rugged, Light, Chemical resistant & Easy to clean
Flat Base with Integral Hinge & Bolt-Down Rugged, Small Footprint, Flexible
Proprietary Vacuum Control Protection Reliable, Fail-safe, Simple, Energy Efficient, Contains hazards & protects users better than a class 2 BSC
Cartridge HEPA Filter Air Cleaner Efficient, Safe, Autocavable, Easy to replace, Economical, Lasts for months in normal use
22 mil Nitrile Gloves Rugged, Easy to clean, Bleach resistant, Quality checked & CE marked


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