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Banthrax Corporation, July 2, 2007

Banthrax Corporation, July 2, 2007

Banthrax Corporation, West Chester, Ohio, USA  July 2, 2007

We are pleased to announce the new Evi-Dome shield cabinet for the assistance of Law Enforcement and Forensic professionals world wide.  The Evi-Dome is a rugged, light-weight dome cabinet built to cover evidence in a crime scene, and preserve the integrity of that evidence to serve the interest of justice, and the technical needs of forensic science.  This strong, clear, portable shield is the evolutionary successor of the Safe-T-Dome Mobile, Safe-T-Dome Splash and other Banthrax safety cabinets.  The basic Evi-Dome model is a simple, passive device that covers evidence on any horizontal surface to keep it uncontaminated, but visible.  Use of the Safe-T-Dome Mobile and other models can allow additional protection and manipulation options.  As advised by Law Enforcement and Forensic customers, Banthrax is prepared to expand the Evi-Dome line to meet additional needs, as they are identified.  The Evi-Dome is available for customer orders now, and shipments will begin July 20.

USAF March 22, 2002

USAF March 22, 2002

USAF Seal 

  News Release - United States Air Force

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, OH 45433-7129 (937) 255-2725
INTERNET ADDRESS:  http://www.wpafb.af.mil/ascpa/index.html

March 22, 2002
WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio—The Air Force Research Laboratory Human Effectiveness Directorate recently signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement, CRADA, with Banthrax Corporation to conduct mission-related anthrax containment research and development. 

Under this agreement the Human Effectiveness Directorate will assess the ability of a new containment system to prevent escape of infectious organisms such as anthrax.  The results of the assessment will enable Banthrax Corporation to optimize the containment technology for use by military organizations, hazardous-material units, academic institutions and other applications to include homeland defense. 
"The AFRL expertise and testing results will point the way to refinements required to enhance this system for military and other new applications”, said Stephen Tattershall, President of Banthrax Corporation.Under provisions of the CRADA, AFRL scientists and staff will work in cooperation with Banthrax engineers.  The CRADA allows Banthrax Corporation access to Air Force expertise and laboratory facilities specially designed for safe handling of infectious microbes.  The team effort between AFRL and Banthrax will help in gaining state of the art expertise in pathogen handling, decontamination and detection from AF scientists.  This will enable Banthrax Corporation to provide improved protocols for use of the Safe-T-Dome glove box and to develop new features for safer operation, said Tattershall.  Office workers and consumers handling suspicious mail and packages, according to Tattershall, primarily use current Safe-T-Dome models.

“We look forward to a close and mutually beneficial working relationship and are convinced this is a key step in supporting the homeland defense efforts of the U.S. Air Force,” said Tattershall

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