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21st Century Glovebox Technology
Protective Environments for Sensitive & Problem Materials

Protective Environments for Sensitive & Problem Materials

Banthrax Protective Environments are employed in applications where they protect users and facilities from a wide range of hazardous threats, and where they contain and shield a wide range of objects and materials from damage, contamination or release.  Safe-T-Dome cabinets are used in all applications where items, materials, chemicals or organisms must be handled safely, without exposing people to the risk of exposure or injury.  Whenever an object under 18" long poses a risk to people dealing with it, a Safe-T-Dome may provide access, containment and protection.  Exhibit-Dome, Enviro-Dome & Evi-Dome products provide protective environments to contain, display, demonstrate and protect a range of objects, materials and materials in educational, museum, retail, exposition, forensic and other applications.  Wherever small objects, collections, environments, displays or demonstrations require protection, Banthrax Corporation cabinets offer solutions.

Other Uses for Evi-Dome, Exhibit-Dome & other cabinets

Other Uses for Evi-Dome, Exhibit-Dome & other cabinets



 Special Use

Enviro-Dome™   Chill Damage  Tropical plants in drafty apartment
Evi-Dome™   Escape or falling injury  Contain an injured humming bird as it heals
Evi-Dome™    Destruction of production hive  Isolation of queen bee while africanized drones are driven off
Exhibit-Dome™                     Eye damage from points                           Kids use star shaped blocks at day-care center in dome
Evi-Dome™    Insect damage to food  Butter sculpture preserved in dome prior to banquet
Enviro-Dome™     House cat attack   Small turtles or frogs raised in the cabinet
Enviro-Dome™     Moisture Loss   Plant/animal vivarium
Enviro-Dome™     Chicks escape  Incubate chicks from bird eggs
Exhibit-Dome™     Theft of technology  Traveling exhibit of prototype laser thermometer
Evi-Dome™     Solvent release & fire  Chemical containment in a meth-lab interdiction
Exhibit-Dome™     Damage due to drying  Ship-wreck artifacts examined in high-humidity environment in dome  
Evi-Dome™     Wasp stings  Dome placed over wasps/nest on floor after knocked from ceiling
Safe-T-Dome™      Microbial Contamination  Computer & keyboard isolated in dome for use in sterile room
Exhibit-Dome™     Customer Infection  Kitchen worker with head cold prepares salad in dome

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