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Enclosure Families

Enclosure Families

Vacuum CabinetsVacuum CabinetsSafe-T-Dome™ vacuum isolation units deliver fail-safe protection from user exposure or hazard release. This simple, reliable pressure system means easy access without risk, worry or hassle when handling toxic, infectious or invasive materials. Basic Glove Box CabinetsBasic Glove Box CabinetsSafe-T-Dome™ Splash cabinets empower you to handle materials without risk of contact.  If you must avoid splashing liquid, small projectiles or contact exposure, simple, non-pressurized  mechanical containment is the best solution. Special AtmosphereSpecial AtmosphereWhen process or material require a special atmosphere different from our own, Positive pressure enclosures are the best solution. Posi-Dome workstations deliver positive-pressure isolation for fail-safe special atmosphere environments.
Mobile MedicalMobile MedicalSafe handling of organs, tools & drugs is essential in field hospitals and mobile clinics, not just well-equipped labs. Safe-T-Dome™ and Versa-Dome enclosures provide fail-safe handling protection for toxic agents, infectious tissues and sterile preparations. When care of patients & safety of healthcare workers depend on isolation, these glove-box enclosures provide access & containment, even in remote locations far from reliable electric power, & 1st world infrastructure. Sterile/CleanWhen sterile, aseptic, clean processes are critical, the Posi-Dome family of clean isolation workstations offer a simple, practical solution.  Smaller, easier, simpler and better than 20th century technology, Posi-Dome clean isolation systems offer protective atmosphere for aseptic processing, clean handling and contamination avoidance without a clean room. BioSafetyBioSafetySafe glove box handling for pathogens, biochemicals, irritants and biotoxins, using Safe-T-Dome™ gloveboxes configured for biosafety. Provides safety beyond Class II biosafety cabinets for the cost of a fume hood, or less. Useful products for biotechnology professionals, medical laboratories, veterinary applications, oncology and handling of chemotherapy infusions.

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