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Where Can You Use a Versa-Dome Where a Versa-Dome FITs
Easy to Fit in the Workplace

Easy to Fit in the Workplace

Counter Mounted
Placed Over Specimens
Cart Mounted
Field Deployed
Equipment Mounted/Integrated
Vehicle Mounted

Utilize it Where YOU Need to Work:
  • Infrastructure needed: flat table + room lighting + 10 watts AC or DC power
  • Screw, clamp or friction mounting for permanent or portable use
  • Use effectively in cutting edge labs, tents, operating rooms or mud huts
  • Light enough, mobile enough and reliable enough for field deployment in 5 minutes
  • Used in military, R/D and Healthcare applications across North America and Asia
If You can work there, so can Versa-Dome

If You can work there, so can Versa-Dome

Just as it fits well into your schedule and budget, it also fits easily into your workspace.  In your lab, shop, field location or mobile unit, if you can work there, Versa-Dome fits.

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