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Parts, Accessories, Options & Supplies

Parts, Accessories, Options & Supplies

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Absolute Spares Kit - MicrobialSelect Safe-T-Dome™ glove box cabinet parts and accessories for purchase. Select gloves, spare parts, special purpose accessories, upgrades or supplies.
Pump - 12VDC, with Car CordPump - 12VDC, with Car CordSafe-T-Dome™ replacement pump, with switch, power cord and car lighter plug.
Soft Carry-CaseSoft Carry-CaseThis accessory is a durable, flexible, light weight carrying case that allows you to carry the cabinet over rough terrain or through doors and buildings. It keeps the cabinet upright as you carry it, so you can keep it ready for use. This specialized luggage item is critical for those who must deploy the Safe-T-Dome cabinets rapidly and efficiently in field situations.
Deep-Bowl BaseDeep-Bowl BaseDeep bowl type replacement base with flat bottom, and 4" deep bowl-type sides.
Replcmnt Gloves- BioTech(pr)Replcmnt Gloves- BioTech(pr)Safe-T-Dome™ replacement gloves - 18" BioTech type gloves. These gloves will mount on the cabinet glove ports.
Bellows Unit with HousingBellows Unit with HousingSafe-T-Dome™ replacement Bellows. This device is the critical part of the pressure control system.
Mobile Prep Decon KitKit provides accessories and materials for use by first responders using a Safe-T-Dome glovebox over a bio-spill or bio-device. Works with all Safe-T-Dome models in field examination, containment and cleanup incidents.
Pump - 24VAC, with TransformerPump - 24VAC, with TransformerSafe-T-Dome™ replacement pump, with switch, power cord and plug in transformer.
Bubble Gauge (bubblier)Bubble Gauge (bubblier)Safe-T-Dome™ replacement Bubble Gauge Trap or Bubblier. The pressure regulator, indicator and flow control device used to set protective vacuum level.
2-HEPA Hose/Bracket/Fittings kit2-HEPA Hose/Bracket/Fittings kitSafe-T-Dome™ replacement part- exterior HEPA retrofit fittings kit
Disinfectant Bottle with sprayerDisinfectant Bottle with sprayerSafe-T-Dome™ decontamination bleach sprayer; 16 oz. bottle of 0.94% sodium hypochlorite solution with pump spray.
Replcmnt Gloves- Nitrile(pr)Replcmnt Gloves- Nitrile(pr)Safe-T-Dome™ replacement gloves - 18" Nitrile.
Bleach Spray Bottle (refill)Bleach Spray Bottle (refill)Safe-T-Dome™ decontamination bleach refill; 16 oz. bottle of 0.94% sodium hypochlorite solution
HEPA Filter CartridgeHEPA Filter CartridgeSafe-T-Dome™ replacement HEPA Filter.
Hoses, valve & Fittings kitHoses, valve & Fittings kitSafe-T-Dome™ replacement part- exterior tubing, fittings kit
Remote Pump Hose (20')Remote Pump Hose (20')Safe-T-Dome™ replacement part.
Luer Bulkhead Assembly - UpgradeLuer Bulkhead Assembly - UpgradeSafe-T-Dome™ & Posi-Dome™ replacement part- 4 piece assembly to replace the luer bulkhead assembly on flex-wall air lock pass through or dome penetrations where the old luer bulkhead is leaking, broken or outdated.

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