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Posi-Dome™ Basic D

Posi-Dome™ Basic D

HEPA filtered clean environment
Posi-Dome™ Basic D
Posi-DomePressure Control
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Lab-Ready Posi-Dome™ Basic D glove box cabinet, HEPA filtered clean/sterile pressure system and bowl-style spill control base with integral hinge and bolt-down points. By use of clamp bolts, this glovebox cabinet is mechanically isolated for positive pressure environment containment. Equipped with a special dynamic pressure control system, the positive pressure system is user-friendly, ergonimically friendly and energy efficient. Ready for use in shops and laboratories for sterile process and clean environment use, the Posi-Dome™ Basic D can support inert gas and special atmosphere applications with minor modifications. Sterile environment, biological isolation and some cleanroom type applications are supported.
Features Benefits
Transparent, Lab-Grade Polymer Dome Cabinet Rugged, High-visibility, Light-weight, Chemical resistant & Easy to clean, Requires no internal light source
Deep Bowl Base Rugged, Spill control capable, Extra work volume & headroom, Easy dome removal for cleaning or alternate use
Mechanical clamp bolts compress flange seal Efficient, simple isolation that supports positive pressure operation with low or no leakage
HEPA Filter Air Processing Efficient, Safe, Autocavable, Easy to replace, Economical, Lasts for months in normal use
22 mil Nitrile Gloves Rugged, Easy to clean, Bleach resistant, Quality checked & CE marked
Dynamic pressure control system Simple, efficient system reduces pressure spikes, minimizes gas usage and is ergonomically operator friendly
Diaphragm pump pressurization system Reliably moves air into the chamber without ducts and with exceptional energy efficiency ( < 10 watts )
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