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Safe-T-Dome IV Prep Ultra™

Safe-T-Dome IV Prep Ultra™

Ultimate Safety
Safe-T-Dome IV Prep Ultra™
Flex Air Lock outsideFlex Air Lock in-cabinetVac Air LockEasy Inside Maint. Access
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Prepare IV infusions with the ultimate protection, and total toxic drug containment. Safe-T-Dome IV Prep Ultra is the safe practical solution for patient infusion preparation; used for routine drug administration and the most toxic chemotherapy. Unlike open hoods and laminar flow Biosafety cabinets, Safe-T-Dome IV Prep Ultra provides complete isolation and containment of drugs and other chemicals during high risk procedures. If spilled cytotoxic drugs cannot be deactivated, the flex-wall air-lock provides easy removal of saline IV bags and other materials without risk of toxic release; protective vacuum is maintained at all times. No other hood or cabinet can provide more protection and none can match Safe-T-Dome reliability, efficiency or economy for infusion preparation. Includes fail safe vacuum, Dual HEPA filtration, sensitive touch toxic drug / chemo-tested Butyl gloves and bowl-style spill control base with pressurized air lock pass-through. Safe, simple and smart for frequent use, or occasional protection when preparing patient infusions.
User selectable vacuum cabinet pressure for fail-safe negative pressure to isolate toxins 1 to 5 cm of water vacuum
Electric diaphragm pump uses minimal AC power to move 1 to 1.5 liters of air per minute for static pressurization 8 watts
Maximum vertical internal clearance (near center) 43 cm. (17 in.)
Maximum horizontal clearance in work area (widest right-left inside measure) 58.3 cm. (23 in.)
Air Lock Port (elliptical) dimensions (sized for 1 liter saline IV bags) 124 mm x 69 mm
Air Lock capacity (length) 45 cm. (18 in.)
Air Lock purge Vacuum up to 15 cm. of water vacuum
Air Lock purge clean air inflation pressure up to 25 cm of water positive
Maximum Front-Back inside work area clearance 44 cm. (17.5 in.)
Typical power-fail or pump-fail leak down time (vacuum persistence) 2.5 to 8 minutes
Features Benefits
Vacuum Tested, Configured for Chemotherapy Use Safe, Secure use to support oncology medication infusion preparations
Transparent, Polymer Dome Cabinet Total release barrier, Rugged, High-visibility, Chemically stable & Easy to clean, Requires no internal light source
Deep Bowl Base with Integral Hinge & Bolt-Down Rugged, Excellent Spill control, Extra work volume for multiple IV bags, Easy dome removal for cleaning
Proprietary Vacuum Control Protection Reliable, Fail-safe, Simple, Energy Efficient, in-use toxic drug containment far better than a class 2 BSC
Totally Sealed Cabinet System Complete release barrier blocks all splash, contact and airborne release of cytotoxic drugs while vacuum is on
IV Bag-Sized Flex-Wall Air Lock with vacuum port Ultimate fail-safe protection from toxic drug exposure by use of easily purged air-lock pass through
Cartridge HEPA Filter Air Processing Easy to replace, Economical, Lasts months in normal use, captures all airborn chemotherapy drug droplets
Chemo Tested Butyl Rubber Gloves Safe with all Chemotherapy Drugs, Soft touch for good dexterity, Bleach resistant, Durable and Comfortable
2-Finger-Dome-lift Access (Just raise Dome!) Fast, Easy insertion and removal of tools, vials and bags when risk of contamination is low
Basic Chemo Infusion Prep. Tools and Directions Easy and safe to use; basic tools and directions provided for low risk and peace of mind
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