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Safe-T-Dome™ LC

Safe-T-Dome™ LC

Safety you depend on
Safe-T-Dome™ LC
Safe-T-Dome LC in use on ABS spill control low profile base.Safe-T-Dome LC in use on ABS spill control low profile base.Sealed, pressurized and in use on a flat surface directly, without the ABS base.
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The Safe-T-Dome™ LC empowers you to achieve faster, higher quality work without health concerns or environmental problems.  This enclosure provides air-tight, fail-safe isolation with full access and visibility and the flexibility and simplicity you expect from the most reliable of your old trusty hand tools. 

Built to free the artist or technician from concerns about unhealthy exposure so they can use the best adhesive, dye, molding compound or coating for each job without risk of exposure.  Safe-T-Dome™
is a TOTAL BARRIER ISOLATION GLOVE BOX with airtight vacuum containment you can count on, even when the power goes out.

This is the shop-Ready Safe-T-Dome™ LC glove box cabinet for practical bonding, dyeing and other processing in the shop or studio without exposure to irritating, hazardous or unhealthy solvents, dust or vapor.  The enclosure is a complete, pressurized, barrier isolator with advanced, fail-safe vacuum protection system and low profile, ABS base with spill control lip, integral hinge and bolt-down points. Fully assembled for use in shops, studios, prop shops, factories or in field work for safe handling of irritating, unhealthy or hazardous materials when reliable, fail-safe user protection is required.  Prop shop professionals, artists, exhibit builders, craftspersons and other hands-on makers choose Safe-T-Dome™ LC enclosures for demanding work that requires containment or isolation.
System Specifications
Cabinet material Clear PETG Polymer (Chemical resistant, impact resistant.
Base material Black ABS Polymer (rugged, chemically stable)
Nominal internal dimensions (SI) 60 cm W x 45 cm D x 35 cm H (at center of base/dome)
Nominal internal dimensions (US) 23.5" W x 18" D x 14" H
External Height (Dome top) (SI) 41 cm H ~ (US) 15.9”
External Height (Bellows FIttings) (SI) 43 cm H ~ (US) 16.7”
External base dimensions (SI) 71 cm W x 58.5 cm D x 0.3 to 3.5 cm H
External base dimensions (US) 28" W x 23" D x 0.1 to 01.3" H
Min. clear vertical space (to open) (SI) 44.3 cm H ~ (US) 17.4” H
Min. clear space behind (to open (SI) 6 cm ~ (US) 2.4” - @ 10”- 16” above counter
Weight/Mass 3.7 to 4.66 kg (8.1 to 10.3 lbs.) depending on model/options
Volume (internal) 62 to 65.5 liters ( 2.19 to 2.32 Cubic Feet
Standard Gloves Nitrile, 22 mil (sizes 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11)
Air Pump Electrical electric diaphragm pump- 24 VAC w 100–130 VAC transformer Or electric diaphragm pump 220 – 240 VAC Or DC electric diaphragm pump 12 VDC Power consumption – 2 to 5 Watts
Air Pump Airflow rate 1-2 Liter/min.
Maximum Pressure 25 cm of H20 Gage = 2450 Pascals Gage = 9.8” of H2O Gage
Standard filter Whatman HEPA-Vent cartridge filter
Other flow control check valve, bellows & liquid trap (Patented Vacuum Controls)
Pump Input Voltage (Standard for N. America) 100 to 130 VAC at 50 or 60 hz
Safe-T-Dome Difference Value to You
Complete barrier isolation Provides access without contact; the entire work-space is isolated eliminating risk of contact with skin, eyes or face
Pressurized, air-tight containment Risk of dust or vapor exposure or release is fully controlled
Transparent, Polymer Dome Cabinet Rugged, High-visibiliey, Light, Chemical resistant & Easy to clean, Requires no internal light source
Portable dome containment may be used over any flat surface Dome with self-contained vacuum system can be placed on any large flat surface or object for containment in-place
Low Profile Spill Control Base with Integral Hinge Rugged, Small Footprint, Adaptable, Allows easy cabinet removal for cleaning or alternate application
Proprietary Vacuum Control Protection Reliable, Fail-safe, Simple, Energy Efficient, Contains hazards & protects users better than a class 2 BSC
Single Cartridge HEPA Filter Air Processing Efficient, Safe, Autocavable, Easy to replace, Economical, Lasts for months in normal use; removes particulate material over 0.3 µm in size; this essentially eliminates exposure to unhealthy dust, smoke or droplets in the air.
Durable multi-use 22 mil Nitrile Gloves Rugged, Easy to clean, Bleach resistant, Quality checked & CE marked
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