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Soft Carry-Case

Soft Carry-Case

Case for Transport
Soft Carry-Case
Case in transitOpen Case
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The mobility of the cabinet is great if it is handled in our soft carrying case. The case works effectively with all Safe-T-Dome models with flat bases, or with any model when it is placed on a fiber base or other flat sheet of rigid material. The case and cabinet are light enough so that transporting it over hilly terrain or through narrow doorways is a snap for almost anyone of average strength. The case easily closes around the glovebox to protect and contain it, and to provide easy maneuvering with one hand. The durable case is flexible and light weight, and it keeps the cabinet upright as you carry it, so the bubble gage does not spill, and can be kept ready for use. Removal and deployment are quick and easy, requiring only seconds, even when wearing heavy gloves.

This specialized case is critical for those who must deploy the Safe-T-Dome cabinets rapidly and efficiently in field situations.
Features Benefits
Soft-side, Custom Case Fits closely, securely; Very light weight; Folds for easy storage
Single handle provided on top One handed transport; Keeps cabinet upright & ready for use
Wrap around design Easy to pack/unpack; Protects viewing window from abrasion; Secure & Tight
Simple closure, no buttons or ties Fast deployment; Easy, efficient pack-up after use
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