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Evi-Dome Basic

Evi-Dome Basic

Clean & Pure
Evi-Dome Basic
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The Evi-Dome is a clear, rigid cover for placing over critical evidence in a crime scene to preserve it uncontaminated. It is a strong, polymeric dome with a gasketed flange at the base, filtered vents and a handle on top for placement. The Basic model allows the evidence to be viewed as it is protected, but does not permit manipulation or close examination without removal. The Evi-Dome is light weight and easy to use, but provides a quick, simple way to protect the purity and viability of evidence. It is designed to be used either by first responding officers, or by forensic professionals.
Dome Material PETG polymer (thermoformed)
Flange Gasket Closed cell PVC foam
Chemical resistance Excellent resistance to cleaners and bleach solution for sterilization
Features Benefits
Clear Polymer Dome is Strong but light weight. Evidence is visible and protected, dome is rugged and reusable, domes will nest for storage
Dome is flanged at the bottom edge, with a continuous foam gasket Airflow is blocked, dome sits securely on most surfaces without slippage or damage
Equipped with two filtered vents Placing the dome does not force airflow at the surface, yet contaminated air is blocked
Clear dome has a handle on top One hand transport and placement; better dexterity with excellent visibility of the evidence
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