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Safe-T-Guard™ BasicD

Safe-T-Guard™ BasicD

Strong, Flexible Shield
Safe-T-Guard™ BasicD
Splash Guard UseAccess port - inside viewSafe-T-Guard BaseLift-Out Molded Base HingeSafe-T-Guard L Hood-workstation (closed)
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Clear, dome hood enclosure, with Deep-Bowl ABS spill-control base including integral hinge and bolt-down points. This hood enclosure provides pre-formed walls for a down-draft hood, chip shield or splash guard.  It is ready for use in safe handling of projectile, irritating, toxic or other materials that require fume-hood or chip/splash guard protection from operator upper body injury or release into the use/handling environment. This strong, light-weight dome enclosure is the simple, inexpensive way to impliment a fume hood, dust hood or industrial ventilation enclosure. This hood includes 2 hand ports ( 5" diameter ) and otherwise encloses the workspace all around.  The proprietary dome cover provides 360 degree illumination by room lighting, so interior light fixtures are not needed.  The convex, clam-shell enclosure eliminates corners, seams and other difficult to clean areas, providing a simpler, easier to maintain workspace.  Light weight and simple mounting results in ease of maintenance access, ease of installation and comfortable, healthy ergonomics.  PETG dome and ABS base may be drilled or cut with woodworking tools, allowing on-site modification for installation of vents, inlets and other access features, sensors or controls.
Features Benefits
Rugged Polymer Dome Cabinet Rugged, Light, Transparent - High visibility, Chemical resistant & Easy to clean
Deep Bows, Spill-Control Base with Integral Hinge & Bolt-Down points Rugged, Flat-bottom basin - contains large spills, Flexible / easy to install/modify
Two Open Hand-Ports ( 5" ID - 12.6 cm ) Convenient access, with safe control-air ventilation exhaust flow rate below 20 cfm
Clamshell all-polymer construction Quick/Easy to install and maintain; can modify with woodworking tools
Smooth, convex clam-shell enclosure Clean, corner-free, seam-free workspace that is easy to clean & maintain
Simple Down-Draft ventilation capability Multiple base locations where small duct or vacuum hose can be installed
Human-Engineered access port and window geometry Excellent ergonomics for healthy, comfortable, efficient work
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