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Safe-T-Dome™ Splash DB

Safe-T-Dome™ Splash DB

Affordable safety
Safe-T-Dome™ Splash DB
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Clear, dome glove box cabinet, with Bowl-type, spill control base including integral hinge and bolt-down points. Fully assembled for use in safe handling of irritating, unhealthy or other materials that require isolation from mechanical contact with operators. This strong, light-weight cabinet is the simple, inexpensive way to handle materials without risk of direct contact. This glovebox includes no vacuum or pressure control system, but allows user modification for installation of vents, inlets and other air handling features or controls. This cabinet is gasket equipped, so it can be used as a non-pressurized cabinet if vented, or as a pressurized glovebox if pressure controls are installed. If positive pressurization is desired, please consider Posi-Dome I-Box PIY or plan to install additional clamp screws to compress the flange gasket and resist internal pressure.
Features Benefits
Rugged, transparent Polymer Dome Cabinet Rugged, Light, Easy-clean, Chemically stable - no inside lighting required
Deep-bowl base with Integral Hinge & Bolt-Down Points Rugged, Flexible, Spill control for over 16 liters, Bowl sides with flat bottom
22 mil Nitrile Gloves Rugged, Easy to clean, Chemical resistant & CE marked
Thumb screw clamping (closure) at 2 secure points Cabinet may be secured to limit casual/accidental access
Optional vents Better ergonomics and improved airflow control
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