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Versa-Dome™ Isolation Kit

Versa-Dome™ Isolation Kit

Flexible isolation Glovebox
Versa-Dome™ Isolation Kit
Posi-Dome setup, pump side viewBellows viewAir-Lock Purge ConnectionsBellows-side view, hypoxic configuration
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Versatile glove box cabinet kit combines Safe-T-Dome vacuum protection with Posi-Dome™ pressurized drybox isolation. With fail-safe pressure isolation for hazard containment or special environment, and 10 cm x 50 cm Flex Wall Air-Lock Pass Through Chamber, this HEPA system can contain & protect a huge range of challenging projects. This package provides everything needed to execute cleanroom jobs, sterile applications and wide ranging hazardous material containment safely, efficiently and effectively. Just add electric power and your own tools (and inert gas supply if desired) and this system can be used in minutes. Can be configured for Argon, Nitrogen, dry air, sterile, positive pressure cleanroom applications and most fail safe containment of pathogens, toxins, irritants, and other hazardous or difficult materials.
Features Benefits
Positive Pressure contents isolation /protection User, lab and air contaminants are kept outside the chamber by fail-safe positive pressure isolation, for clean, sterile or inert processing
Negative Pressure hazard containment Fail-safe system contains hazardous aerosols, liquids and solids, protecting users and facilities from hazard release
Transparent, Rugged Polymer Dome Cabinet Rugged, High-visibiliey, Light, Chemical resistant & Easy to clean, Requires no internal light source
Deep Bowl Base Rugged, Spill control capable, Extra work volume & headroom, Easy dome removal for equipment insertion, cleaning or alternate use
Mechanical clamp bolts compress flange seal Efficient, simple isolation that supports positive pressure operation with low or no leakage
HEPA Filter Air Processing Efficient, Safe, Autocavable, Easy to replace, Economical, Lasts for months in normal use
22 mil Nitrile Gloves (standard) Rugged, Easy to clean, Bleach resistant, Quality checked & CE marked
Dynamic pressure control system Simple, efficient systems maintain static pressure required withouot pressure spikes; is efficient, simple & ergonomically operator friendly
Flex-Wall Air-lock pass-through chamber 10 cm diameter x 50 cm long latex-wall chamber offers convenience, efficiency & ease of use for insertion or removal of tools and materials
Diaphragm pump pressurization system Reliably moves air into or out of the chamber without ducts & with exceptional energy efficiency ( < 10 watts )
Proprietary pneumo-mechanical purge system Efficiently purges cabinet atmosphere without the expense, delay or stress/danger of high vacuum evacuation
Optional Butadyl gloves Provide chemical resistance options for handling aggressive chemicals, chemotherapy drugs & other difficult materials
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