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Posi-Dome™ IBox L PIY

Posi-Dome™ IBox L PIY

Special Atmosphere Containment
Posi-Dome™ IBox L PIY
Posi-Dome™ Clamp SystemPosi-Dome™ Dome-Front Glove Port Access
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Bare-bones special Atmosphere glove box isolator with clam-shell design and full mechanical clamp system allows users to provide positive or negative pressure containment systems customized to specific applications.  This unit supports Nitrogen, Anaerobic, Hypoxic or other special atmosphere processing or clean/sterile air handling with pressurized glovebox isolation and mechanical isolation of all contents.  The basic, corner-free, seam-free clam shell design allows mounting of this unit to nearly any flat surface in nearly any location where people can work.   This isolation unit is Ready for use in shops, labs and mobile field applications for inert gas, special atmosphere and clean processing work when connected to a user-supplied gas or clean air supply with user supplied flow and pressure controls. This Pressurize-It-Yourself (PIY) model is suitable for special atmosphere experiments that require mobility, compact handling/storage, equipment access mounting and other applications limited only by the imagination of the user and temperature and pressure limits imposed by gloves and human operators.
Features Benefits
Transparent, Lab-Grade Polymer Dome Cabinet Rugged, High-visibility, Light-weight, Chemical resistant & Easy to clean, Requires no internal light source
Low profile, spill control base Rugged, mobile, spill control capable, large work surface, Easy dome removal for cleaning, item insertion or maintenance
Mechanical clamp bolts compress flange seal Efficient, simple isolation that supports positive pressure operation with low or no leakage
22 mil Nitrile Gloves Rugged, Easy to clean, Bleach resistant, Quality checked & CE marked
User supplied (PIY) pressure/flow control system Total flexibility to inject/remove/control inside atmosphere
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