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Replcmnt Gloves- BioTech(pr)Replcmnt Gloves- BioTech(pr)Safe-T-Dome™ replacement gloves - 18" BioTech type gloves. These gloves will mount on the cabinet glove ports.
Bellows Unit with HousingBellows Unit with HousingSafe-T-Dome™ replacement Bellows. This device is the critical part of the pressure control system.
Mobile Prep Decon KitKit provides accessories and materials for use by first responders using a Safe-T-Dome glovebox over a bio-spill or bio-device. Works with all Safe-T-Dome models in field examination, containment and cleanup incidents.
Pump - 24VAC, with TransformerPump - 24VAC, with TransformerSafe-T-Dome™ replacement pump, with switch, power cord and plug in transformer.
Bubble Gauge (bubblier)Bubble Gauge (bubblier)Safe-T-Dome™ replacement Bubble Gauge Trap or Bubblier. The pressure regulator, indicator and flow control device used to set protective vacuum level.
2-HEPA Hose/Bracket/Fittings kit2-HEPA Hose/Bracket/Fittings kitSafe-T-Dome™ replacement part- exterior HEPA retrofit fittings kit
Disinfectant Bottle with sprayerDisinfectant Bottle with sprayerSafe-T-Dome™ decontamination bleach sprayer; 16 oz. bottle of 0.94% sodium hypochlorite solution with pump spray.
Replcmnt Gloves- Nitrile(pr)Replcmnt Gloves- Nitrile(pr)Safe-T-Dome™ replacement gloves - 18" Nitrile.
Bleach Spray Bottle (refill)Bleach Spray Bottle (refill)Safe-T-Dome™ decontamination bleach refill; 16 oz. bottle of 0.94% sodium hypochlorite solution
HEPA Filter CartridgeHEPA Filter CartridgeSafe-T-Dome™ replacement HEPA Filter.
Hoses, valve & Fittings kitHoses, valve & Fittings kitSafe-T-Dome™ replacement part- exterior tubing, fittings kit
Remote Pump Hose (20')Remote Pump Hose (20')Safe-T-Dome™ replacement part.
Luer Bulkhead Assembly - UpgradeLuer Bulkhead Assembly - UpgradeSafe-T-Dome™ & Posi-Dome™ replacement part- 4 piece assembly to replace the luer bulkhead assembly on flex-wall air lock pass through or dome penetrations where the old luer bulkhead is leaking, broken or outdated.
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