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Why Use a Safe-T-Dome?
Why Use the Easier, Safer 21st Century Isolator?

Why Use the Easier, Safer 21st Century Isolator?

Why TRUST your Safe-T-Dome?

Why TRUST your Safe-T-Dome?

Safe-T-Dome™ cabinets are the 21st century solution for safely handling toxic drugs or hazardous materials without high cost or hassle.  This is the new green technology for fail-safe containment and worker protection with the lowest possible energy use in an easy, flexible, inexpensive package you can use almost anywhere.  Unlike complex biosafety cabinets and laminar flow hoods, Safe-T-Dome™ uses a simple static pressure vacuum system anyone can check and verify.  If you see the red bottom of the proprietary bellows or hear the sound of air bubbling through the liquid trap, you know that vacuum isolation protects you from hazardous exposure. 

1  Diaphragm Pump    HEAR THE HUM as the simple electric Diaphragm Pump pulls clean filtered air from the cabinet to maintain a protective vacuum inside.  The low hum you can hear and gentle vibration you can feel show you that the pump is powered and running. 
Small HEPA Filter pic
SEE THE FILTER that traps the microbes and other hazardous particles, as air from the cabinet is pulled through it by the pump.  The HEPA filter and connecting tubing are clearly visible at all times, showing that all air removed is safe, since the HEPA filter will not pass microbes to the outside air.
Bellows Unit
SEE THE VACCUM pressure indication by observing the lifted red bottom of the Bellows-  The Bellows Unit contracts, lifted by the vacuum pressure in the cabinet.  It is easy to see the results of the vacuum, by observing the red bottom of the bellows as it is lifted above the base.  The only thing holding it up from the base is the vacuum pressure inside the cabinet.  The higher the bottom of the bellows, the greater the protective vacuum pressure must be to sustain it.
Liquid Air Trap or Bubble Gage
HEAR THE BUBBLES as clean outside air is pulled into the cabinet by the vacuum inside.  The Bubble Gage liquid air trap controls the vacuum pressure in the cabinet by allowing air to bubble into the chamber at a preset pressure.  The user can hear and see the bubbles, as the vacuum pulls outside air through the water and into the chamber.  The user sets the pressure level by lowering or lifting the "dip tube" end under the water.  Whether the tube is set for a low protective vacuum or a higher pressure drop, only vacuum in the glovebox can pull air through the water, so seeing and hearing bubbles proves that protective vacuum is present.
Test reports

Test reports

Banthrax products have been proven safe in tests that define the "Gold Standard" of worker protection and hazardous pathogen containment.  Click this link to view our product safety testing reports from an independent Industrial Hygiene lab and the US Air Force Research Laboratory.

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