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Hoods, PPE & Worker Protection Technology
Rugged, Safe Hoods & Guards for Worker Protection

Rugged, Safe Hoods & Guards for Worker Protection

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The Clear Industrial Containment Choice

The Clear Industrial Containment Choice

Time, risk and money are the primary requirements of risk management when providing worker protection, industrial ventilation and environmental compliance for processing hazardous materials.  Nothing can make all the cost and complexity go away, but using Safe-T-Guard™ Hoods and Safe-T-Dome™ cabinets can make a huge difference.  Safe-T-Guard™ and Safe-T-Dome™ enclossures, splash shields and fume hoods can slash costs by:

  • Eliminating the cost of custom hood/enclosure engineering, design and fabrication 
  • Reducing or eliminating the cost of ductwork, fan upgrades and ventillation system upgrades for these sources
  • Reducing HVAC / energy expense from additional building exhaust and related heating or cooling
  • Eliminating new roof penetration and exhaust environmental permits and related costs and delays
  • Reducing maintenance & operational headaches from work in, on and around stationary enclosures
  • Reducing or eliminating lighing costs for work under vent hoods (clear dome uses room lighing)
  • Reducing floorspace and counterspace required due to small footprint (4.8 square feet)
  • Reducing downtime and maintenance cost for station access (hood remove & replace times < 2 minutes)
  • Reducing filter media and replacement labor costs ( HEPA cartridges last longer, and cost < $60 )
  • Reducing risk, exposure, insurance and compliance costs by means of fail-safe performance
  • Reducing direct operating energy cost ( power requirement < 0.3 KWH per 40 hr. week for Safe-T-Dome™)

While the ease and economy of operation and maintenance are impressive, the greatest advantages are in effectiveness, safety and performance.   The operator exposure risk with the Safe-T-Dome™ glovebox is a minute fraction of the risk when using fume hoods, splash shields, PPE or passive glove box enclosures.  These older technologies are viable means of protection, but Safe-T-Dome™ cabinets offer isolation & containment benefits they simply can't deliver.  With in-use worker protection beyond most class III biological safety cabinets, Safe-T-Dome™ is simpler to use, easier to maintain and more reliable.  This fail-safe vacuum glovebox puts complete control and monitoring of safety in the hands of the user, rather than depending on complex electronics, delicate air-flow patterns and frequent expert testing and adjustment.  With a cost at just a fraction of other vacuum technologies, the choice is simple.  Unless you are handling very large items or huge labor-intensive production volumes, Safe-T-Dome™ just makes more sense.

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